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Payment Card Tahseel

DTPS allows their client the possibility to pay transaction fees and government services through several methods of payment:


- Cash / Cheque:

By visiting the department you can pay for your transaction fees in cash or by check at DTPS Counters.

- Direct E-Payment through DTPS portal:

This service provides a property to pay transaction fees electronically from anywhere at any time, directly and without having to visit the department to complete the payment process. Through (Tahseel Card) you will be giving username and password for transaction payment, this card consider one of the best ways to save time and effort for client, also to avoid any potential risks when carrying amounts of cash to pay transaction fees.

         •  E-Payment Card (Tahseel):

         E-Payment Card (Tahseel) allows you to pay for your transaction fees   and electronic services at (Tahseel service center) in DTPS.

         •  Credit Card payment:
         Credit Card payment (MasterCard) allows you to pay for your transaction fees and online services through DTPS portal, or by visiting DTPS counters.


Getting (Tahseel) Card

Tahseel Card can be obtained at 200 AED from any of following departments:

• Counters of "Club of Confidence" at DTPS.
• Real Estate Registration.
• Public Works Department and.
• Department of Civil Defense. 

Re-Charge (Tahseel) Card

You can recharge (Tahseel card) in the following Sharjah Islamic Bank branches:

1. Sharjah Islamic Bank - Branch CourtHouse.
2. Sharjah Islamic Bank - Branch Economic Development Department.
3. Sharjah Islamic Bank - Branch of the Real Estate Registration.
4. Sharjah Islamic Bank - Branch King Faisal Road.
5. Sharjah Islamic Bank – Branch Wasit Street.
6. Sharjah Islamic Bank - Branch Fourth Industrial Area.


The minimum amount of charge is AED 100, and the maximum amount of charge is AED 999,999.00 AED. For more information regarding (Tahsee)l card, please contact our (Tahseel) card staff at DTPS or contact Phone Number: 06-5739677 or visit Tahseel Website

For Tahseel Card details please click the link below:

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